Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

July 15-21, 2016

Archabbot Kurt presided at our Saturday liturgies as we celebrated the Solemnity of Our Lady of Einsiedeln (July 16). We enjoyed a Sunday schedule (we can sleep in a little bit!), a festive lunch and colloquium (talking) at lunch.

On Wednesday, Archabbot Kurt held an Abbot's Conference. He gave us a thoughtful overview and some reflections on the upcoming abbatial blessing (Tuesday, July 26). Additionally, at the meeting, we rehearsed some antiphons and hymns for some upcoming feasts…including those for a new feast: that of St. Mary of Magdalene (celebrated July 22). Also, Brother Jacob gave us an update on the move-in process to the renovated monastery … happening the week of August 1-5.

Abbot Urban from our motherhouse in Einsiedeln arrived late Thursday. He will be with us for a week, especially to celebrate the Abbot Kurt's blessing.

At 4:00 p.m. this afternoon (Friday, July 22), there will be a brief program in the church presented by the Sonshine Youth Choir of the Brentwood (Tennessee) United Methodist Church. This talented choir has presented programs here in years past.

The novices from the Eastern Province of the Dominicans, in anticipation of their first profession, spent a week here with us on retreat.

Deacon candidates from the Diocese of Owensboro spent some time here this week for their homiletics workshop and joined us for liturgies in the Archabbey Church. Father Julian serves as the clergy liaison for this program. 

Father Adrian led a "Pray Always" retreat through the Guest House last weekend.

Brother André recently started a blog with a catchy title, Ora Eat Labora, with reflections on preparing meals, the spirituality of food and insights into what the Rule has to say about our common table and service together.

Brother Francis released his latest reflections on scripture on his blog (the Path of Life): Pondering the Word (No. 6)

A nice summary of the "One Bread, One Cup" program from Father Christian, who served as coordinator of the College Internship and supervisor to the college interns:

We just wrapped up another successful summer of One Bread, One Cup. Depending on whether you date the program from the first youth leadership conference (1995) or the first time it was called One Bread, One Cup (2000), this was either our 22nd or 17th summer. Father Brendan was there at the program's inception, and over the years, it has been guided by monks such as Father Anthony and Father Godfrey, as well as lay people such as Robert Feduccia, Matt Miller, and now Tammy Becht. The program has certainly made a great contribution to the lives of many of the Church's youth, both high school participants and college interns. The monastic community's participation in this program is really a terrific way for us to be involved in evangelical and catechetical outreach to a crucial population.

This summer we held three conferences and feedback from participants was extremely positive. Our twenty-two college interns worked very hard and also had a lot of fun. Their personal growth, the bonds they form with one another, and the love they develop for Saint Meinrad are just some of the wonderful fruits of the program.

Both Tammy and I cannot thank the monastic community enough for your support of the program. In addition to myself (serving as coordinator of the college internship/supervisor of the interns), three other monks had staff positions this summer. Brother James is the administrative assistant for the program. Brother Nathaniel was the junior chaplain to the interns. Brother Simon was a catechist for both the general sessions and liturgical formation sessions. Many other monks served as tour guides, catechists, confessors, spiritual directors, ambassadors, and in other capacities. Thank you all!

Looking ahead, this weekend, Tammy, her husband Kevin, and I will be setting off on a journey with eight current and former college interns to Krakow, Poland, for World Youth Day. It is really a tremendous event with two million or so attendees expected. It will be great for One Bread, One Cup and Saint Meinrad to be represented by a delegation for the first time at this event. Following our days in Poland, we will make a visit to Einsiedeln. Please pray for us pilgrims, as we will certainly be praying for the community back home. 

Pray for us as we remain steadfast to our prayer and work with a lot of upcoming joyful events: the abbatial blessing, the Alumni Reunion, "THE MOVE" back to the monastery, Novice Tony's temporary profession (August 6), and Brothers Peduru, James and William's solemn profession (they renew their temporary vows this Saturday the 23rd before their solemn profession on August 15).

Be assured of our prayers for you.

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