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Open House

Open House

We are pleased to invite you to an open house for graduate theology studies at Saint Meinrad where you can learn about our programs, tour our facilities, and meet current students.

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The study of theology should not be simply an intellectual exercise. It engages the whole person: the pursuit of learning and holiness, as reflected in our school's Benedictine motto, Sanctitate et Scientia. Whether you serve the Church as a professional minister, volunteer actively, teach or simply live out your baptismal calling in faith, you do so not just with your mind, but with your entire self.

We can provide you a balanced, well-rounded, educational experience with a special focus on pastoral issues. Your Saint Meinrad education rests on a foundation of four fundamental dimensions of formation - human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral.

Human Formation

To be truly Catholic means to be truly and fully human. Our human formation opportunities can help you cultivate:

  • an understanding and respect of yourself and others; 

  • psychological and physical health; 

  • an ability to acknowledge your gifts and limitations; 

  • an appreciation of diversity; 

  • the classical virtues of Christian discipleship.

Here are just a few opportunities we provide for human formation:

  • Graduate courses dealing with human formation issues

  • Extensive wellness program (indoor and outdoor athletic facilities; intramural sports program; health, fitness and weight loss programs)

  • On-site health clinic for minor medical services; available health insurance

  • Psychological counseling services from licensed professionals on staff

Spiritual Formation

At Saint Meinrad, we provide many opportunities for you to deepen your spiritual life:

  • Eucharist: daily opportunities for Mass with monks and fellow students

  • Reconciliation: available regularly and upon request

  • Traditional and Seasonal Devotions: regular opportunities for Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction, Exposition, the Angelus, the rosary and other devotions

  • Liturgy of the Hours: daily opportunities to pray the Divine Office with monks and fellow students

  • Retreats: regular retreats available. While you are a student, we waive your conference fees for most Saint Meinrad retreats; you need pay only applicable room and board charges. Find the list of upcoming retreats.

  • Spirituality Workshops: offered twice a year on various topics such as Benedictine spirituality, prayer and personality types, spirituality and social justice, etc., for an extra fee. It is possible to earn 1 academic credit per workshop, up to 3 credits.

  • Spiritual Direction: Saint Meinrad monks serve as regular spiritual directors for students; contact the Director of Graduate Theology Programs for more information.

  • Theological Reflection Groups: offered regularly on weekends and weekdays

Pastoral Formation

Pastoral ministry, whatever form it might take, is the ultimate proving ground of your formation: where you translate learning into service. In light of this, almost all courses at Saint Meinrad, across the theological disciplines, invite you to reflect on how your studies and effective pastoral practice inform each other. 

Courses for Pastoral Practice

Aside from this general pastoral focus, we offer a variety of courses and other opportunities to fulfill the expectations for pastoral formation. We have courses to help you learn how to: 

  • provide formation for others; 

  • lead community prayer; 

  • manage change and conflict; 

  • develop basic counseling, communication and pastoral care skills; 

  • appreciate the role, mission and dynamics of families. 

Workshops, Retreats, Opportunities for Ministerial Excellence

A series of available workshops and retreats provides training in general pastoral ministry skills, leadership, administration, stewardship and ministerial ethics.

We facilitate workshops on vocational discernment as well as a theological reflection group, which meets regularly throughout the year.

Regular lectures, discussion sessions, and other activities with seminarians and alumni help promote collaboration between ordained and lay ministers in the Church. 

Ministering in a Diverse Global Church

Students may learn more about a globally diverse Church through language and culture courses and immersion programs, as well as extracurricular activities celebrating the uniqueness of various cultural traditions.

Supervised Ministry

Pastoral theory is only as good as pastoral practice. If you plan to go into professional ministry upon completing your degree, we encourage a supervised pastoral ministry experience.

We have field supervisors in local parish, hospital, prison and other ministry placements. Under the guidance of the pastoral formation staff, you may undertake a for-credit field education experience that integrates direct ministry with theological reflection.

Especially if you are interested in chaplaincy, you may consider completing one or more units of Clinical Pastoral Education, for which you can earn up to 3 academic credits. 

For more information, contact the Office of Graduate Theology Programs.