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With generous scholarships and ministry grants, over 80% of alumni graduate without student debt.

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Perhaps you are a teacher who seeks extra expertise in the area you teach. Maybe you are a pastoral associate and need more training in pastoral care, or a worship director wanting to learn more about liturgy. You may be simply hungry for more knowledge about a particular theological discipline.

Saint Meinrad offers graduate-level certificates in several areas of theological specialization. Each area of study requires 18 credit hours of academic concentration and is designed to educate, develop leadership and promote competence.

Certificates are available in these areas:

Church History

Ethics and Moral Theology

Liturgical Music

Liturgical and Sacramental Theology

Pastoral Studies



Systematic Theology

Teaching High School Theology

You can pursue a certificate as part of your master's degree, as continuing education after you have graduated, or as a stand-alone program if you do not have a master's degree.


Students pursuing a Saint Meinrad Master of Arts (Theology) or Master of Arts (Pastoral Theology) degree may pursue a specialization certificate as part of their work toward the degree.

A specialization is ideal if you are interested in a particular field of study due to your current ministry or for personal enrichment. You may use degree elective credits to complete a specialization; there is no additional cost to students for pursuing a specialization certificate as part of a degree. 


A post-master's certificate is a focused area of theological study you can pursue after completing a master's-level theological degree (at Saint Meinrad or elsewhere). A post-master's certificate will help you deepen your knowledge in a particular area of competence, move into a different type of ministry or teach with a particular focus area.

Some students pursue post-master's certificate coursework in conjunction with a study sabbatical or similar period for renewal. The regular graduate tuition rate applies; Saint Meinrad graduates pursuing a post-degree certificate are eligible for a 30% alumni tuition discount.


A non-degree certificate is a focused area of theological study available to individuals who hold a four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited institution or its equivalent and who meet the Saint Meinrad's non-degree admissions criteria.

This certificate is ideal if you don't plan to complete a graduate degree program but seek personal enrichment, enhanced participation in parish leadership or specific ministerial roles. Credits are awarded at the graduate level and can be applied toward a master's degree at Saint Meinrad. As individual education and experience will vary, prerequisites may be required.