Saint Meinrad’s Permanent Deacon Formation Program has two methods of formation for students whose primary language is Spanish.

Formation for deacons serving only in Spanish speaking communities. All courses are taught by lecturers who are fluent in speaking Spanish. Course textbooks, assignments, and exams will also be in Spanish, as well as diocese-provided formation in the pastoral, human, and spiritual dimensions. Courses can be delivered live in person by lecturers in the diocese location.  There is also an option for recorded video courses that can be viewed by students at their own convenience.  These video courses can also be led by a facilitator provided by the diocese or Saint Meinrad.

Formation for deacons serving in bilingual (English/Spanish) communities. All courses are taught by lecturers in English. Supplemental online five-hour video courses in Spanish are available to assist students in comprehending course concepts. The diocese will provide for pastoral, human and spiritual formation in whatever language is deemed appropriate.