Welcome Home! Growing Traits of a Faith-filled family

friday, November 5, 2021

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM CST On Campus

Presenters: Kathy Gallo and Sue Grenough

Registration fee: $100 for on campus (lunch and refreshments included)

How do we cultivate faith in a post-modern era? What does research tell us? What does experience teaches us? Bringing research and experience into conversation, this workshop will explore new studies on the importance of family in the faith life of children, youth and adults. It will also identify ways to apply these findings in your home, at the parish, and in your community.

Kathy Gallo describes herself foremost as a catechist. She has been involved in catechetical ministry for over 30 years. She has ministered as diocesan director of religious education in Owensboro, KY; assistant director in Boston, MA; director of catechesis in Evansville, IN, as well as a Catholic school teacher and DRE. Most importantly, Kathy loves catechetical ministry. She has a passion for catechesis and bringing imagination and new thinking to the ministry.

Sue Grenough has worked tirelessly in the field of catechesis for many years. As a religious educator, she has served in parish, school and diocesan roles. She was host and president of the National Conference for Catechetical Leaders. Sue currently facilitates classes for the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation, University of Dayton. She provides workshops on a variety of faith topics around the country.

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