Spiritual Darkness: Workshop for Spiritual Directors

Kathleen Hope Brown, D.Min.

february 20-22, 2023

Commuter rate: $200 (includes instructional fee, lunches, and refreshments)
Resident Rate: $475 (Includes Instructional fee, single room, and board Sunday-Wednesday)

People come to spiritual directors because they want someone to walk with them as they find their way forward.  What they see ahead and what the director sees are brought into a collaborative conversation.  But how do we help people who do not see a way forward, who find themselves standing in darkness? 

This course will explore the various causes of spiritual darkness, how one kind of darkness can lead to others, and how spiritual directors can hold the light of hope.

About the Presenter:
Kathleen Hope Brown, D.Min., is a spiritual director at the St. Luke Institute in Silver Spring, MD. She is the co-founder of the Bon Secours Spiritual Direction Institute. Previously, she was Dean of Students and Director of Formation for Ministry at the Washington Theological Union. She is a past president of the Association of Graduate Programs in Ministry.  She received her Doctor of Ministry degree from Catholic University in 2001 and her Master of Pastoral Studies from the Washington Theological Union in 1997. Dr. Brown has worked since then in parish ministry, campus ministry, and theological education after a previous career in international economics.

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Introduction to Medical Ethics

Fr. Mark O'Keefe, OSB

April 20-21, 2023

Not for credit fee: $100
One credit fee: $607 (Additional course work required for credit)

This workshop will provide an overview of moral issues that frequently arise in clinical settings. After a review of foundational theological and moral principles, we will examine and discuss topics such as informed consent, advance directives, withholding and withdrawing medical treatments, artificial nutrition and hydration, and physician-assisted suicide.

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