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Open House

We are pleased to invite you to an open house for graduate theology studies at Saint Meinrad where you can learn about our programs, tour our facilities, and meet current students.

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We are committed to providing an affordable degree program. We offer various types of financial aid – grants, scholarships and loans.

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The 18-credit Certificate in General Theological Studies provides a well-rounded core of theological studies for the student who may not have the time or finances to complete the entire MA (Theology) degree.

Program Outcomes

Successful completion of this certificate will enable you to:

  • Establish a broad foundation of knowledge in the biblical, historical, systematic, and pastoral dimensions of Catholic belief and practice;
  • Understand theology and pastoral praxis as they relate to a larger Catholic theological context.

Required Coursework

  • The Creed in History and Theology (3 credits)

  • Early Church History (3 credits)

  • Sacramental or Moral Theology course (3 credits)

    • Eucharist, Sacraments of Initiation, Introduction to Liturgy & Sacraments, Christian Ethics, or Fundamental Moral Theology

  • New Testament course (3 credits)

    • Synoptic Gospels, Acts & General Epistles, Pauline and Johannine Literature, or Theology of Paul

  • Pastoral Studies course (3 credits)

    • Listening in Pastoral Ministry, Pastoral Care and Counseling, Ministry to Families, or Grief Counseling

  • Elective course of student's choosing or Directed Research (3 credits)