How a seminary education is funded depends on the agreement between the candidate and the sponsoring diocese. Each sponsor has policies on how much of the cost it will pay and how it will support the candidate.

For some, it will be a loan; for others, all room, board and tuition is paid, plus required books. Health insurance is also a factor to be negotiated with the sponsor.

These are the fees for full-time seminarians for the 2023-2024 fall and spring semesters:


Room and Board, per semester   $10,316
Tuition per semester   $17,685
Student Programs Fee, per semester**   $2000

**J-term Workshops, Rome Trips, MACC & Retreat Fees


Pastoral Internship Tuition   $4,400
Matriculation Fee   $210
Graduation Fee   $160
Graduation Admin. Fee (not
Summer Pastoral Internship Tuition   $500
Student Service Fee (per semester)   $425
Long-Distance Telephone Access Fee   $25


Propaedeutic Year

Room and Board: Same as above
Tuition: $10,611/semester
Schedule of Fees: Same as above

All charges are subject to change. For information concerning fees, please contact the Business Office.


Saint Meinrad graduates are eligible for a 30% discount on course tuition. The only limitation is that reduced-tuition courses may not be used toward another degree at this institution. There is no reduction for auditing courses.


Tuition, fees, and room and board charges must be paid before the end of each term. Students with outstanding account balances will not receive a grade report or diploma, be issued transcripts of credit, or be allowed to enroll in subsequent semesters until the debt has been paid.


Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology complies with the refund policy established by the 1992 reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. A refund for fall and spring semester (which includes January Interterm) tuition will be based on the following criteria:

If the withdrawal occurs during:

       week one    80% refund
       week two   60% refund
       week three   40% refund
       week four   20% refund

After four weeks, there is no refund.