Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the 18-credit specialization Certificate for Teaching High School Theology will:

  1. Establish broad foundation of knowledge appropriate for teaching the high school theology curriculum recommended by the USCCB;

  2. Apply theology to the practice of catechizing youth.


  • New Testament core course (3 credits).

  • Christology or The Creed in History and Theology (3 credits).  

  • A human, spiritual, or pastoral formation course appropriate for teaching high school youth (3 credits)

  • 9 credits of elective coursework. Elective courses can be chosen from graduate courses aligned with high school courses to be taught within the USCCB curriculum, or youth-specific ministry formation courses (See chart below.)

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has a curriculum for high school theology including six courses required of all schools, and possible electives from which schools may choose to offer two or more other courses. Saint Meinrad’s Graduate Theology Program offers students an organized program of study oriented toward those wishing to teach the high school curriculum. (See U.S. Bishops’ Framework).

The following chart shows how Saint Meinrad courses align with courses to be taught in the high school curriculum, as well as listing courses we offer that fulfill human, spiritual, and pastoral dimensions of formation appropriate to one preparing to teach high school youth.