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Echoes from the Bell Tower, a podcast devoted to stories of wit and wisdom from the monks of Saint Meinrad.

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What Brought You to Saint Meinrad? - Part 2

Thursday, December 14, 2017

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As promised, here is the second episode of our "Echoes from the Bell Tower" podcast about "What Brought You to Saint Meinrad?"

In this episode, hosts Br. Joel Blaize, OSB, and Br. Kolbe Wolniakowski, OSB, share some more stories of how people have found their way to Saint Meinrad.

Featured in this podcast are:

  • Monks Archabbot Kurt Stasiak, Fr. Noël Mueller and Br. Simon Herrmann

  • Organist George Hubbard

  • Oblate Director Janis Dopp

  • And seminarian Tony Cecil.

There are two clips that are not included in the episode credits, but we want to mention them here. At the beginning of George Hubbard's story, there is an ambient clip of him improvising on the organ. It showcases his talent of, as he says, creating out of his own imagination.

During Janis Dopp's story, there is a clip of monks chanting. That audio is from Track 2 on the "Lauds & Vespers for Christmas at Saint Meinrad" CD.

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