Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

September 2015: Aug. 29-Sept. 3

**Brief Update on About the House**  Because classes are starting, I am amending when I type the About the House, as my schedule has changed slightly due to taking some classes in the school as part of novitiate formation. It may or may not affect when it is released by our Communications Office, but I plan to write from Thursday to Thursday each week. The weekly format will stay the same, and I will leave it to our fine folks in the Communications Office to determine when it is best to send via social media based on their schedule.

On to the news from our house.

Fr. Adrian gave a retreat this past weekend titled "Being Born Anew."

Here are some excerpts and notes from Fr. Jeremy's homilies this past week as he served as Mass Heb. He filled in for Fr. Vincent, who is on the mend from back surgery. Your prayers for his continued recovery would be appreciated.

  • Sunday: Fr. Jeremy related stories of addiction from the prison inmates he works with at Branchville, and he sees this Gospel as a great opportunity to help these men (and all of us) see ourselves as good and know we can work on the evil that comes from within. We can do this through God's grace and the sacraments. He encouraged us, like the Book of James highlights: Humbly welcome the word that has been planted in us that is able to save our souls. This can save us from what is evil.

  • Wednesday: On this day in 1887, the monastery suffered from the "Great Fire." Tradition has it, the monks did not miss prayer throughout the day. For the first time since September 2, 1981, and because of our current monastery upgrades, we are living in the monastery that burned. Fires were (and still are, but prior to recent upgrades) a real threat to our monastery. We pray especially for our volunteer fire department and Br. Benjamin's role with the fire department, and we are reminded of the good stewardship ourd Development Office works to cultivate in helping us maintain the safety of our buildings.

  • Thursday, Feast of St. Gregory: Gregory had a great love for St. Benedict, having written about him in his Dialogues. He is also attributed to the formation of chant. He saw himself as a servant and understood Benedict's teaching of humility.

On Monday we invited Fr. Damien Dietlein, OSB, from Assumption Abbey to join us for our evening meal, and we had special desserts and cordials afterward to honor his nearly 50 years of teaching in our Seminary and School of Theology. We thank "Damo" for his tireless efforts in leading students in learning Scripture, particularly the Old Testament. Here's a "throwback" picture of him with many of his colleagues here in what is speculated the late 1980s. ( Link to Photo)

On Wednesday, we had a community meeting where we heard updates about the progress of the monastery renovation. We were also to see and touch some of the paneling, carpet, tile, etc. which will be replaced/added in certain parts of the monastery.

We finished reading at table Laudato Si', Pope Francis' most recent encyclical. We moved on to a book about the history of the Hudson River. One of the last lines we heard from Pope Francis seemed pertinent regarding community life and also about communion with one another around the world: "We must regain the conviction that we need one another."

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