Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

May 2015: May 16-22

Last weekend, Fr. Adrian gave a retreat in our Guest House to several attendees.

At Midday prayer on Friday, we had around 170 middle school students and their teachers visiting. One of our larger crowds for Midday prayer! Br. Maurus and Br. Luke were certainly busy with tours for the visiting students.

Archabbot Justin presided at Mass on Sunday for the Solemnity of the Ascension. Fr. Harry gave the homily and he shared the following about the scripture readings and our vows: Stability provides the grounding for faithfulness. Conversatio means continually turning with, changing. It is a vow of continually turning with all the monks to be a better monk day by day.

Then, the monk must listen with the ear of his heart to discern how to change by standing still. A new conversatio was happening as the disciples looked at the sky at Jesus' Ascension. This new conversatio left them learning how to be Church and how to celebrate the New Covenant through the Eucharist.

In his homily on Wednesday, Fr. Vincent encouraged: When we know and realize that we are completely loved by God, we have an identity no one can take away from us and a peace no one can take away from us. May your love be upon us, O Lord, as we place all our hope in you.

We lost another beloved monk this week, Fr. Cyprian. Fr. Cyprian died early in the day on Monday, May 18. Here is a link to his obituary.

Br. Francis wrote two blog posts about Fr. Aelred and Fr. Cyprian, who died within a week of each other. Click their names to go to the posts. 

Fr. Eugene gave the remembrance during the Office of the Dead. He recalled his friendship with Fr. Cyprian and how they bantered back and forth, frequently giving each other a hard time. Fr. Eugene shared that race relations in the United States fueled Fr. Cyprian's imagination when he marched at Selma because he wondered where all the black Catholics were. This was one of several reasons why Fr. Cyprian researched and is well known for his research of Black Catholics in the United States. He was working on the second edition of this book up until his death.

Archabbot Justin shared in the homily at Fr. Cyprian's funeral Mass that Fr. Cyprian loved the monastic life. He was our brother and appreciated the mutual jeering of one another. Christ meant everything to him. When Archabbot Justin and Prior Kurt were with Fr. Cyprian when he was dying and hooked up to an oxygen mask, Fr. Cyprian's only word was "Christ, Christ, Christ." Fr. Cyprian preferred nothing to Christ.

This week, Abbot Justin Brown, OSB, from St. Joseph's Abbey in Louisiana (our daughter house), has been giving us conferences most mornings and afternoons as part of our annual retreat. Our retreat concludes with Mass this morning with Abbot Justin Brown presiding and renewal of our vows.

We enjoyed a revised schedule this week allowing us to enter into the retreat with more time for reflection and recollection and, much to most everyone's delight, we had a hot breakfast all week. (It's the simple things!)

A geothermal drilling company spent some time here this week drilling into the earth to test potential sites for geothermal wells for our monastery. Renovations are well under way in our infirmary and all the juniors and novices and many of the solemnly professed moved out of the monastery last week and weekend.

Please continue to pray for us as we finish this temporary transition out of the monastery and for the safety of those working on the monastery and our wonderful physical facilities and housekeeping crew assisting us in the move.

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