Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

June 2015: May 30-June 5

Last weekend, Fr. Noel was the retreat master for his retreat titled "The Wisdom of Nazareth."

On Sunday for Trinity Sunday, Fr. Prior Kurt presided at Mass and shared in his homily: The mystery of the Trinity is the love of the Father, the sacrifice of the Son and the sanctifying mission of the Spirit. The Trinity is the fundamental mystery of our faith.

On Monday, Archabbot Justin celebrated his patronal feast day -- that of St. Justin the Martyr. We enjoyed colloquium (talking) at dinner. In his homily, Archabbot Justin shared: The kingdom of God encounters us where it finds us. In the end, the harvest is the important thing. We will be accountable for the fruit we've been entrusted. We need to return the harvest to the rightful honor. Do we see ourselves as the new tenants of the harvest?

On Wednesday afternoon, we had a community meeting with the architect, mechanical engineer and general contractor for our upgrade/renovation project in the monastery. We reviewed some plans and heard details about the upgrades/renovations. The Evansville Courier and Press wrote an article about our upgrade project: Click this link for the article.

This Sunday, Archbishop Joseph Tobin, C.Ss.R (Archbishop of Indianapolis), will ordain Br. Luke as a priest.

Br. Francis created a couple blog posts this week. The first (click here) is St. Athanasius' writing about the Holy Trinity. The second (click here) is a reflection on the Eucharist by Br. Francis titled "Broken, scattered, gathered, One."

In closing, here is part of the Preface from the Mass of Ordination for Priesthood. Please pray for Br. Luke as he approaches priesthood ordination and for his future ministry as a priest for our monastery.

For Christ not only adorns with a royal priesthood

the people he has made his own,

but with a brother's kindness he also chooses men

to become sharers in his sacred ministry

through the laying on of hands.


They are to renew in his name

the sacrifice of human redemption,

to set before your children the paschal banquet,

to lead your holy people in charity,

to nourish them with the word

and strengthen them with the Sacraments.


As they give up their lives for you

and for the salvation of their brothers and sisters,

they strive to be conformed to the image of Christ himself

and offer you a constant witness of faith and love.

And may we all in the royal priesthood of Christ strive to be conformed to Christ's image. Have a good weekend.

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