Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

July 2015: July 25-31

On Sunday, Fr. Christian presided, and he was our Mass heb this week. Here are some excerpts from his homily:

Sunday (from the actual text of his homily): The Eucharist is a nuptial banquet and in this wedding feast the Church as bride says "yes" to him and forsakes all others. She will have no other spouse. And if you and I say Amen, then we say that we, too, forsake all others as the treasure of our heart. We choose Christ to have first place in our lives.

In the Eucharist we, the Church as body, also say yes to Christ as our head. We agree to his lordship and to his authority over our lives. We say Yes, we say Amen, and we receive the gift of union we have therefore chosen. We allow him to make us his body and bride.

In a way, this Amen is our greatest sacrifice. As bride, it is the letting go of our false isolation and individualism. As body, it is the surrender of being in charge. It is to resign as general manager and controller of the universe, and letting him be our head.

Every Mass is an altar call. Let us not receive in some pious coma. Let us not receive out of passive obligation. Let us receive with an emphatic yes that we want to take our stand with Christ and with his Church. Let us say yes - this is who we are and this is where we want to be. Let us give him our Amen - our affirmation, consent, and commitment.

Wednesday (St. Martha, St. Mary and St. Lazarus) (from my notes): Monasteries and pilgrims go hand in hand. Monasteries are never without guests, and it is a reminder that monastic life places a great importance on hospitality in addition to our prayer and community time.

Monasteries would be incomplete without guests. Today's feast of Sts. Martha, Mary and Lazarus gives us a prime example of hospitality. Let's give it the attention, love and time it deserves, and realize like Mary, that we, too, can choose the better part.

Friday (St. Ignatius of Loyola) (from my notes): Many saints were influenced by Benedictine hospitality and education. St. Ignatius made a pilgrimage to the Benedictine monastery at Montserrat shortly after his coming to the faith. Benedictine presence in biographies of saints should be encouragement to us (monks) to be formative in the lives of present-day saints who visit our monastery.

We come to the monastery to seek God and strive after holiness. Our work, too, is to help others in their journey. By making holy our guests, students and coworkers, we, too, can become saints.

Fr. Meinrad led a midweek retreat this week with about 30 guests in attendance. It was a blessing to have them join us for our liturgies.

Br. André put a beautiful picture of Baked Alaska on his Facebook page this week. Looked tasty!

Novices John and Charles will make temporary vows next week on Thursday on the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord at Vespers. Candidate Tony will be invested as a novice on August 5. Brother Peduru will renew his temporary vows on Monday, August 3. Please pray for these confreres.

Brs. Justin and Cajetan arrived from the Abbey of the Ascension in Dzogbégan, Togo, to begin studies here in our seminary. Please pray for them as they transition to life and studies here at Saint Meinrad.

Here's a brief video of our beehive:

Our chicken coop had the fence taken down from around it. Now the chickens are really free-range. Bring on the eggs!

In closing, here is a quote from St. Peter Chyrsologus whose homily we heard this week: "Love peace and all the world will be tranquil and quiet."

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