Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

August 2015: August 22-28

This was a nice way to start out my notetaking for this week -- from intercessions at Vespers: May the Lord plant seeds of harmony deep in our hearts. Let us pray to the Lord.

Fr. Eugene gave a retreat last weekend at the Guest House, "The Beatitudes: The Foundation of Christian Spirituality."

Br. André made some blueberry muffins, cornbread and corn muffins and scones this week in culinary school. (I'm looking at his Facebook photos of these, and I am getting hungry!)

Br. Francis wrote a reflection and gave an excerpt on a recent audience address by Pope Francis: Who is Jesus for you?

Fr. Harry served as Mass heb this week. Here are some of my notes from his homilies:

Sunday: We are in a covenant with God. This is a relationship with God. We may find ourselves in covenant relationships with unexpected people. This, then, might be an unexpected group here in this church, and we at the very least are trying to live what we have sworn with Joshua … to live and serve the Lord. We are called to take the Body and Blood of Christ and make it our own in a covenant with God. What we do here we do in memory of Christ the Lord.

Monday, Feast of St. Bartholomew: If people really knew what they were getting into, they might act otherwise. Nathanael thinks he has it all figured out when he approaches Jesus, but Jesus tells him otherwise. When Jesus is involved, we often find the outcome more horrifying and wonderful than expected.

Thursday, Feast of St. Monica: The Lord, according to the Gospel, will come at a time when we do not expect. If Christ is the thief, we are the householders. What is it we are afraid to let God steal if he is the thief? These can be things like pride, anger, narrow-mindedness, and maybe most of all, fear -- the fear of living in a different way -- the way of the Gospel. The Gospel says stay awake, but I say go asleep and let God steal it.

Archabbot Justin gave us a conference on Wednesday. Of the many things he encouraged, he encouraged us to continue being an example of hope to the world through our prayer and work. This is easier when we lead simple lives and do not seek stardom.

Several monks have been helping with the Intensive Spiritual Formation Week this week in the seminary, and Br. Peduru and Br. Lorenzo and our visiting Benedictine monk-students have joined them as participants as they resume full-time seminary studies.

Have a good weekend! Know of our continued prayers for you. Please pray for us.

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