Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

August 2015: August 1-7

Congratulations and prayers are requested for now Novice Tony Wolniakowski and Brothers Stephen and Lorenzo. Novice Tony was clothed as a novice on Wednesday, and began his one-year canonical novitiate.

Novices John and Charles made temporary profession on Thursday during Vespers of the Feast of the Transfiguration. Novice John was given the name Stephen, and Novice Charles was given the name Lorenzo after St. Lawrence. Both their patrons are the deacon saints.

Here are stories respectively on Novice Tony and Brothers Stephen and Lorenzo. and (Also, here are pictures from Brother Stephen and Lorenzo's profession:

Fr. Denis R. was the principal celebrant at our Sunday Eucharist. In his homily he shared: Here today in our midst we find Jesus. Jesus invites with these words: I am the bread of life. On the river of life-saving blood that flows from heaven, we rise to be in communion and grace with God. We do this here on this altar. We pray He will speak words of invitation here: I am the bread of life. Can we believe that promise?

We are given so much here on this altar. Are we willing to receive this great gift? Maybe that's a better question. Heaven isn't meant to be found in cyberspace, but in the space between you and me. Heaven is found in the invitation to this altar. Are we willing, open and anxious to receive this bread of life here?

Fr. Luke was the principal Mass celebrant the rest of the week with exception to when the Prior celebrated Mass for the Feast of the Transfiguration. On Tuesday, for the Feast of St. John Vianney, Fr. Luke encouraged: St. John Vianney helped transform the spiritual lives of those he encountered. He did this largely through the confessional. How might we be cleansed from what defiles us, especially in regards to the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

We had around 185 alumni and guests on the Hill for the Alumni Reunion this week. Fr. Gavin, Fr. Eugene and Fr. Denis gave presentations, and Archabbot Justin was the principal celebrant at the Alumni Reunion Mass in recognition of his 10th anniversary of serving our community as abbot. The Mass was the Mass of St. Meinrad, martyr. I had a couple responsibilities at Mass, but I did take this brief note from his homily: St. Meinrad gave his life to everyday works of prayer and charity. In this pattern he lived a virtuous model for anyone to follow. (Here is a link to pictures of the Reunion:

Br. William had a preventative foot surgery on Wednesday. He is resting and recuperating in the infirmary this week and will be on crutches for several weeks. He has a nice "power-boot," as he likes to call it, on his foot. He's also working on his Rubik's cube skills, reading and participating in our liturgies via the closed-circuit TV.

Fr. Aurelius is as chipper as ever despite his diminished memory, and he holds a conversation a little better in the mornings. I happened to be cleaning his infirmary cell one morning when a nurse was helping him out of bed. He looked over toward me and said to the nurse, "He looks nice!" I said, "So do you, Fr. Aurelius." Another novice approached him outside one time, and he told the novice, "It's so nice to see you. Where have you been?" He had an extended conversation with Br. Angelo about the telephone answering machines several weeks ago.

Here is a link to Br. Francis' latest blog, Being with God in Prayer:

On Thursday, Fr. Prior, in his homily for the transfiguration, shared: Faced with God's brilliance, the disciples turn to the dark place of hiding behind their hands. When we look to Christ, how is our vision? Letting Christ be our vision helps us discern between truths and cleverly devised myths. To follow Christ is to open wide our eyes. We do well to be attentive to the light of Christ in our lives, no matter how bright or dim it may seem.

In closing, here is a quote from Vigils this week from Fulton Sheen: "Silence is wisdom's first reply."

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