Linking to Library Resources:

Linking to library resources in the Learning Management System (LMS) or digital syllabi requires a proxy prefix to ensure access for offsite users.  This prefix is the same for every link.

The Saint Meinrad Catalog includes an option for a direct link to the resource’s catalog listing.


Clicking the LINK option will provide the link. 


This link can be copied and pasted into the LMS and/or a digital syllabus.  For the link to function properly the Proxy Prefix must be included. 



The Proxy Prefix is listed at the beginning of the link while the Catalog Link is listed following the equal (=) sign of the Proxy Prefix.




The same Proxy Prefix should also be included when linking directly to a specific digital resource. 

Below are two links for digital resources.  One from Ebsco and the other from JSTOR.

This is how the links appear when simply copied from the browser. 



Both link to specific material, but if accessed off site as they are the user would receive an error message.  The link prefix below must be added in order for them to function properly.

The resource link beginning with https:// should be included following the equals (=) sign of the prefix.

For example, the resource links from above are added in their entirety following the equals sign.



Copy and paste the Proxy Prefix and then copy and paste the resource link.  This will ensure the link functions properly. 

Please contact the Archabbey Library for assistance: