Giving that Generates Income for You

Gift Annuity Agreement

With a gift annuity, you make a charitable gift of cash or other property. You, and/or others, then receive fixed payments for life, with Saint Meinrad receiving the remaining assets. The frequency and rate of payments are determined at the time the gift annuity is funded.

A gift annuity can offer generous tax benefits, as well as the satisfaction of making a meaningful gift. A deferred gift annuity generates an immediate tax deduction and higher lifetime payments after the deferral period (e.g., a retirement income supplement).

Please note: Due to varying state regulations, Saint Meinrad does not offer charitable gift annuities to residents in certain states, including California, New Jersey and New York.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

This is an irrevocable trust that pays a fixed income, for life or a specified period of time, based on the value of assets at the time the trust is created. The assets remaining in the trust are given to Saint Meinrad. This planned gift has some generous tax advantages, including avoiding or postponing capital gains tax on appreciated property, and possible lower estate taxes.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Similar to the annuity trust described above, but the unitrust provides a fluctuating income based on a fixed percentage of the trust's annual value. Tax advantages include avoiding or postponing capital gains tax and possible lower estate taxes.

As with any estate planning decision, consult your legal, financial and tax advisors for advice and information on applicable state and federal laws.

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