E-books can be accessed through the Archabbey Library’s online catalog. Once you locate your book, you will need to click on the “View eBook” button in the short record. Or you can click on the title of the book to open the long record.  This will show which e-book companies make the book available to us.  You may have more than one option. If there is more than one option, then e-books from JSTOR, Project MUSE, and Oxford are all preferable to those from ProQuest because they do not restrict how much of the book you can permanently download at one time.

How To Use a Proquest E-Book

After you open a ProQuest e-book, you will notice that you have a lot of options.  You  can download the whole book for a few weeks, print a limited part of the book, download a PDF of a few chapters, or read the book directly online.  When you download the whole book for a few weeks, you cannot print from the download and it disappears in a few weeks. Downloading chapters of the book gives you permanent files that you can keep forever and print later if you want to.  Downloads of chapters are limited by pages (usually 40% of the book), but the limitation resets every day.  You can download 40% of the book every day and have the whole book in a few days.  So, downloading by way of PDF chapters is usually the preferred way to get the book on your computer or to get it printed. 

If you have any trouble accessing Archabbey Library e-books please let us know at library@saintmeinrad.edu.