Rooted in Prayer; Committed to Serve

To Deacon Corey Bruns of the Diocese of Owensboro, growing up a triplet was simply part of who he was. The same can be said for the weekly holy hours he attended as a child with his parents and siblings. Faith and close friendship were part of his life from the beginning and it’s exactly what he hopes to bring to his priestly ministry.

“My mother taught me how to pray and prayer is foundational to being a good priest. Priests should be men of prayer. Seeing my mother and my parish priest praying in the Church growing up was a profound witness; they both practiced what they preached.”

Deacon Corey’s time in formation at Saint Meinrad has helped him grow in the faith he learned when he as young. 

“Saint Meinrad helped me learn how to use my gifts to serve the Church. Saint Meinrad forms men and women to be people who look outside of themselves and constantly seek to meet the needs of the world.

“I’ve learned how to be a man of self-gift. In our world today there is a lot of brokenness and people don’t always know they are loved passionately and deeply by the Lord. I look forward to showing my parishioners how much they are known and loved by God in my priestly ministry."

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