Roman Replies and CLSA Advisory Opinions.  1984 to present.  Annual publication of replies to questions from several Roman dicasteries (departments) compiled by members of the Canon Law Society of America. Reference KBU39 .R66

Decisiones Seu Sententiae.  1912-1942.  The official record of the Roma Rota (Tribunal).
Oversize KBU43.15 .C37

The Canon Law Digest: Officially Published Documents Affecting the Code of Canon Law. (15 volumes) 1934-1966.  Replies to questions from several Roman discasteries before 1966.
Reference KBU30.5 .B68

CLSA Advisory Opinions.  (3 Volumes) 1995.  A compendium of interpretations of Canon Law from 1984 to 1993 written by members of Canon Law Society of America. 
Reference KBU2212 .C58

Rotal Anthology: An Annotated Index of Rotal Decisions from 1971 to 1988.  Published decisions by the Roman Rota, many entries have a brief summary of the decision.
Reference +KBR43 .R68 1992

The Tribunal Handbook: Procedures for Formal Matrimonial Cases.  2005.  Procedure for the settlement of formal marriage trials.
Circulation KBU3897 .T75 2005