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  • Monday, November 6 - Thursday, November 9

    The Newly Appointed Pastor Workshop - November

    The Newly Appointed Pastor Workshop is a four-day, three-night training on the munera of pastoral leadership: teaching, sanctifying and governing. Presenters are seasoned, successful pastors with…

  • Monday, November 27 - Thursday, November 30

    Fall Priest Retirement Preparation Workshop

    Encore Priests prepares priests for their transition into retirement. Of course, priests never fully retire. By the very nature of the sacrament of Holy Orders, priests always have some form of p…

  • Monday, February 5 - Thursday, February 8

    Associate Pastor Workshop

    The Program for Priestly Formation notes that a seminary "may invite newly and recently ordained (priests) back to reflect on their experience of transition and to engage in mystagogical cateches…