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Abbey Press' CareNotes booklets celebrate 25 years

October 11, 2013

Pic _news _Care Notes _booklet"Take one - and take heart. Give one - and give hope." That tagline has graced the front of every CareNotes booklet for the last 25 years.

The eight-page inspirational - and informational - booklets have been published by Abbey Press in St. Meinrad, IN, since 1988. Tackling tough topics such as depression, losing a child, facing cancer and others, CareNotes booklets have sold more than 122 million copies since then.

Some of the original titles became best sellers and are still being published. Titles like Losing Someone Close, Doing Your Best as a Single Parent and When Your Prayers Go Unanswered remain popular 25 years after their first appearance. Since the idea for CareNotes was conceived, more than 680 titles have been published.

Linus Mundy, Abbey Press' publications editor at the time, came up with the idea of CareNotes after struggling to find God during a difficult time in his life. He wanted to publish a booklet that would be short and easy to read, as he believed that people dealing with drug addiction, sickness, divorce or other issues often couldn't focus on lengthy, dense material.

However, he knew that those who were hurting didn't want platitudes or clichés. They needed the wise words of experts and those who had been through difficult times, yet they also needed words that were practical, hopeful and reassuring.

As times have changed, the topics for CareNotes stayed up to date. Among the 238 titles available today are When Someone You Love Is Gay, Dealing with Autism as a Family and When Alzheimer's "Steals" the Loved One You Knew.

More than 50,000 institutions and organizations worldwide have used CareNotes in their work. Hospital chaplains, hospice workers, palliative care professionals, social workers, bereavement coordinators, pastoral care ministers and funeral directors provide the booklets to those they counsel.

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