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Obituary for Fr. Cletus Miller, OSB

August 25, 2016

Fr _Cletus _Miller _2014-for -webFr. Cletus Miller, OSB, monk and priest of Saint Meinrad Archabbey, St. Meinrad, IN, died on August 25, 2016, in the monastery infirmary. He was 98 and a jubilarian of both profession and ordination.

Surviving are nieces.

Born in Evansville, IN, on August 17, 1918, he was given the name Elmer Matthew at his baptism. He attended grade school at St. Benedict's Parish School and entered the minor seminary at Saint Meinrad in 1933.

Fr. Cletus was invested as a novice of Saint Meinrad on August 6, 1938, professed his simple vows on August 7, 1939, and his solemn vows on February 4, 1943. He was ordained to the priesthood on May 30, 1944.

In February 1945, Fr. Cletus began his first assignment in the missions, serving as prefect at Immaculate Conception Mission in Stephan, SD. He moved on to St. Michael Mission in St. Michael, ND, for five years before becoming, in 1950, a founding member of the Blue Cloud community at Marvin, SD. In 1953, Fr. Cletus began a 10-year assignment at St. Paul Mission in Marty, SD, where he worked as prefect and a field missionary.

In 1963, Fr. Cletus returned to Blue Cloud Abbey, where over the next five years he served as brother instructor, vestiarius, house prefect, guest master and assistant infirmarian. In 1968, he returned to St. Paul Mission in Marty as shop supervisor, before again returning to Blue Cloud a short time later and resuming his duties there as guest master. In 1971, he was appointed the superior at Stephan and remained there six years.

In 1981, Fr. Cletus accepted an assignment to Blue Cloud's Resurrection Priory in Guatemala, where he served for 28 years. He was chaplain for the cloistered Carmelite nuns in Coban, helped with parochial work, was a confessor for many of the clergy in the Coban area, and served as treasurer for the community.

In November 2012, Fr. Cletus returned to Saint Meinrad after Blue Cloud Abbey closed.

The Office of the Dead will be prayed at 7 p.m. on Sunday, August 28, in the Archabbey Church, followed by visitation until 9 p.m. Visitation on Monday will be from 8 to 9:45 a.m. in the Archabbey Church, followed by the funeral Mass at 10 a.m. Burial will follow in the Archabbey Cemetery. All times are Central Time.