Part-Time Dishwasher


Monday February 28


The dishwasher is responsible for receiving, rinsing, and loading dishes, utensils, and pans into a dish machine. Washing and sanitizing all dishes, utensils, and pans. Unloading the dish machine and organizing the dishes after they are washed and dried. Cleaning up after special functions and cleaning the dish room. The ideal candidate would be punctual and thorough but fast. Shift would vary with some weekend work.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Receive, scrape, rinse, and load dishes, utensils, and pans into the dish machine.
  • Wash and sanitize all dishes, utensils, and pans.
  • Unload dish machine and store/organize washed dishes in proper places.
  • Clean large cart from Newman Dining Room and return clean bus pans and empty racks for the next meal.
  • Clean up after special functions and in-house catering.
  • Clean dishroom area.
  • Maintain supply of chemicals needed in work area and verify they are labeled correctly.
  • May be needed to work in Guest House or monastery dishrooms.
  • Clean and fill dish machine. Delime the dish machine weekly.
  • Dispose of recyclable materials.
  • Dispose of trash in dishroom.
  • May perform other duties as assigned.

Experience & Qualifications

Application Instructions

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