Building upon the skills and knowledge of Year I, this second-year Institute seeks to empower you to give witness to an integrated spirituality that is formed by Scripture, theological reflection, sacramental celebration, communal worship and active participation in parish life.

Prerequisite: You must complete "Year I" Institute (or equivalent) to register for "Year II."

Topics to be explored:

Spirituality Modules

  • Introduction to Spirituality

  • Various Prayer Forms and Practices

  • Types of Spiritual Temperaments

  • The Essentials of a Christian Spirituality

Sacraments Modules

  • Liturgical Spirituality

  • Trinitarian Spirituality

  • Ritual, Signs, Symbols and Sacramentals

  • Theological Reflection

Sacred Art Modules

  • Spirituality and Artistic Expression

  • Theology and Spirituality of Icons

  • The Image as a Window to the Spiritual