1. Antiphons for Equal Voices (Tobias Colgan)

  2. Invitatories and Antiphons

  3. Lamentations of Jeremiah

  4. Lenten Modal Antiphons

  5. Modal Psalm Tones:

    Chant Notation | Modern Notation | Organ

  6. Modal Psalm Tones II:

    Chant Notation | Modern Notation | Organ

  7. O Antiphons

  8. Part Settings and Psalm Tones

  9. Remaining Faithful

  10. Responsories, Antiphons and Canticles:

    Voice | Organ

  11. Saint Meinrad Psalm Tones (Chant Notation)

  12. Selected Modal Refrains:

    Voice | Organ

  13. Songs Like Incense

  14. Sunday Lauds and Vespers:

    Congregation | Cantor | Organ

  15. Ten Liturgical Pieces

  16. Psalm Tone Demonstrations:

    Psalm 117 and Psalm Tones [pdf]

    Psalm Tone I [Audio]

    Psalm Tone II [Audio]

    Psalm Tone III [Audio]

    Psalm Tone IV [Audio]

    Psalm Tone V [Audio]

    Psalm Tone VI [Audio]

    Psalm Tone VII [Audio]

    Psalm Tone VIII [Audio]