Certificates in Reflective Practices


Part of ministry leadership means providing support and care for those serving others: an overworked pastor, parish minister, chaplain or deacon, etc. This program will give you the tools and competencies you need to provide such support and receive it yourself.

Certificates are available in two fields: pastoral care and preaching.

A Schedule that Fits Your Needs

Two five-day seminars are held on the Saint Meinrad campus-one in January and another the following January, with graduation in May following the second January session. For the rest of the 15-month program, you do the work at your convenience and arrange your supervisory sessions to suit your schedule.

Program Fees

The cost of the program is $2,500, which includes seminar fees, housing and meals.

Graduate Credits Policy

Students in the Certificates in Reflective Practices program have the option of earning 4 graduate credits for successfully completing the program. By the second January meeting of the supervision cohort, credit-seeking students must submit a course registration form to the Registrar, registering for either Certificate in Supervision - Preaching or Certificate in Supervision - Pastoral Care, for 4 credits.

There is no additional charge beyond the regular Certificates in Reflective Practices program fee, but to earn the credits students must complete their assignments by the regular spring semester grade submission deadline.