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Church Documents Related to Biblical Studies

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Ecumenical Councils

Second Vatican Council

First Vatican Council

  • Dei Filius - See Session III, chapter II "On Revelation"; Chapter III " On Faith"; Canon II "On Revelation"; Canon III "On Faith"

Council of Trent

  • Session IV, First Decree "Concerning the Canonical Scriptures"

  • Session IV, Second Decree "Concerning the Edition and Use of the Sacred Books"

  • Session V, Second Decree "Concerning Reform"


Catechism of the Catholic Church

  • Article 1 (Paragraphs 51-73): "The Revelation of God"

  • Article 2 (Paragraphs 74-100): "The Transmission of Divine Revelation"

  • Article 3 (Paragraphs 101-141) "Sacred Scripture"


Documents of the Pontifical Biblical Committee


Papal Documents

Pope Leo XIII

Pope Pius X

  • Quoniam in re biblica "On the Study of Scripture in Seminaries" - March 27, 1906

  • Pascendi Dominici Gregis "On the Doctrine of the Modernists" - November 18, 1907

  • Praestantia Scripturae Sacrae "On the Decision of the Biblical Commission" - November 18, 1907

Pope Benedict XV

Pope Pius XI

  • Bibliorum Scientiam "On the Academic Standards for the Teachers of Scripture" - April 27, 1924

Pope Pius XII

  • Divino Afflante Spiritu "On the Most Opportune Way to Promote Biblical Studies" - September 30, 1943

  • Humani Generis "On Certain False Opinions Threatening to Undermine the Foundations of Catholic Doctrine" - August 12, 1950. See paragraphs 21-25 and 35-39

Pope Paul VI

  • Sedula Cura "On New Laws Regulating the Pontifical Biblical Commission" - June 27, 1971

Pope John Paul II

Pope Benedict XVI


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