Saint Meinrad Seminary & School of Theology

Formation and Education for the Life of the Church

Human Formation

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To be truly Catholic means to be truly and fully human. Likewise, the bedrock of any effective ministry and service is "a healthy, well-balanced personality" (Co-Workers in the Vineyard, p. 36). Our human formation opportunities can help you cultivate:

  • an understanding and respect of yourself and others; 

  • psychological and physical health; 

  • an ability to acknowledge your gifts and limitations; 

  • an appreciation of diversity; 

  • the classical virtues of Christian discipleship.

Here are just a few opportunities we provide for human formation:

  • Graduate courses dealing with human formation issues

  • Extensive wellness program (indoor and outdoor athletic facilities; intramural sports program; health, fitness and weight loss programs)

  • On-site health clinic for minor medical services; available health insurance

  • Psychological counseling services from licensed professionals on staff