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Parish Catechetical Leadership Institute

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Developed in partnership with the Dioceses of Evansville and Owensboro, Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology offers an intensive formation opportunity to equip you for catechetical leadership in the 21st century:

  • based on the four pillars of formation outlined in Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord for lay ecclesial ministers

  • guided by the National Directory for Catechesis, and

  • aligned with the National Certification Standards for Catechetical Leaders. The three-year cycle of five-day intensive workshops addresses intellectual, human, spiritual and pastoral formation, and provides a bridge between theory and practical applications.


In an atmosphere of prayer, community and study, participants explore faith development, leadership skills, basic Catholic theology, models of Church and catechetical methods. Topics include:

Theological Modules

  • Christian Anthropology

  • The Trinity

  • The Church

  • Sacred Scripture

  • The Hierarchy of Truth

Human Formation and Professional Modules

  • Faith Development

  • Personality and Leadership Assessment

  • Shared Christian Praxis

  • Working with Volunteers

  • Program Planning

  • Safe Environment / Handbooks

  • Lay Ecclesial Ministry

Building upon the skills and knowledge of Year I, this second-year Institute seeks to empower participants to give witness to an integrated spirituality that is formed by Scripture, theological reflection, sacramental celebration, communal worship and active participation in parish life.

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed "Year I" Institute (or equivalent) to register for "Year II."

Topics to be explored:

Spirituality Modules

  • Introduction to Spirituality

  • Various Prayer   Forms and Practices

  • Types of Spiritual Temperaments

  • The Essentials of a Christian Spirituality

Sacraments Modules

  • Liturgical Spirituality

  • Trinitarian Spirituality

  • Ritual, Signs, Symbols and Sacramentals

  • Theological Reflection

Sacred Art Modules

  • Spirituality and Artistic Expression

  • Theology and Spirituality of Icons

  • The Image as a Window to the Spiritual

This third and final Institute focuses on the pastoral aspects of being a parish catechetical leader. According to Co-Workers, "pastoral formation cultivates the knowledge, attitudes, and skills that directly pertain to effective functioning in the ministry setting and that also pertain to pastoral administration that supports direct ministry."

Participants will hone pastoral skills and be inspired and challenged to help others nurture and grow their relationship with God.

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed "Year I and II" Institutes (or equivalents) to register for "Year III."

Topics covered:

Pastoral Knowledge

  • The Generational and Cultural Challenges

  • A New Look at Mystagogy

  • Inviting People to Experience God in Daily Life

Pastoral Attitudes

  • Ministerial Ethics and the Law

  • Cultivating Conversion in Ministry

  • Working with Faith Formation Commissions

Pastoral Skills

  • Pastoral Listening

  • Creating a Catechetical Vision

  • Pastoral Issues/Concerns from the Vineyard

Effective Functioning

  • Reflective Practices in Pastoral Ministry

Institute Faculty

Presenters include faculty members of Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology, diocesan leaders and specialists in pastoral ministry.

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